Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Firearms Laws in Nevada

Assembly Bill 217 now allows residents of non-contiguous states to purchase shotguns and rifles in Nevada as well as Nevada residents to purchase long guns in non-contiguous states.

Also in effect for Nevada as of right now is Assembly Bill 282 which makes CCW holders information confidential, revises CCW permits to allow holders to carry ANY semi auto as long as they have qualified with one semi auto on their permit already (just as they have it with revolvers), allows CCW holders to carry in State Parks, and require background checks on all CCW renewals in order to reinstate NICS exemption for Nevada.

The latter part of the last law should make CCW holders exempt from background fees when purchasing a firearm, although we'll have to wait for the ATF to give us the green light. Not sure how long it will take until this part translates to no background check/fee.

Special thanks to the guys over at and's Nevada Hometown Forum for their help and good work writing, calling, emailing and otherwise harassing our lawmakers to get these laws passed. Not to mention those who helped to keep us informed on the matters at hand!

Next session we need to get constitutional carry and get rid of the blue card registration.